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A social game that makes your world the playground!

Ready to rediscover the very spot you’re standing on ? GeoSocials let’s you do just that.

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* GeoSocials for Android is available only for phones that support the Adobe AIR runtime.

Unlock your neighbourhood, Game on!

Confining yourself to a field seems silly when the whole world is your playground.

GeoSocials is a social app with a gaming twist. Packed with challenges, this virtual treasure hunt game unlocks your real neighbourhood like never before. Discover your ability to trump fellow gamers, make new connections, blaze a trail that starts in your neighbourhood and keeps going past every border you've ever imagined!

Whether it's faming, socialising or you are playing it just for the kicks, we've got you covered! Take the tour and find out what GeoSocials is all about, before you dive right in!

GeoSocials Places

What is GeoSocials?

What is GeoSocials?

GeoSocials Places

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